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Brand extension for Wavemaker


Wavemaker is a global media agency that's renowned for its exceptional track record in shaping consumer brand decisions through the power of content, media, and technology. While they had an established brand, they recognised the need to expand their visual communication capabilities for some of their more complex services. That's where Cli&Co came in - we collaborated closely with Wavemaker's in-house design team to develop an illustrative style that captured their brand personality and conveyed their services in a visually engaging way. The result was a stunning library of illustrations that covered a range of topics, including Content, Ecommerce, and Virtual Reality. To add even more depth and interest, each illustration was provided as a flat graphic and a subtle, looped animation. Additionally, we created a suite of simplified icons for use in situations where the lead illustration wasn't suitable. The end result was a versatile and impactful set of visuals that allowed Wavemaker to extend their brand further and elevate their communication efforts to new heights.

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