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So who are Cli+Co? In a nutshell, we're Cli – our creative director – and her trusted collaborators of designers, copywriters, strategists and animators. Lovely people Cli has had the pleasure of working with through the years.

We pride ourselves on providing a personal touch to all of our projects. When you work with us, you'll primarily be collaborating with Cli, our talented Creative Director (with occasional input from our office dog, Tate!). With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, Cli is a versatile professional who wears many hats, from illustration to branding to digital design and development. However, we understand that certain projects require a bigger team or specialised expertise. That's why we have a trusted roster of experts who we can call upon to scale up and deliver on your brief. So whether it's just Cli or our talented '+Co' team, you can trust us to bring your vision to life.

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Our Services


We create flexible, ownable and meaningful brands that speak to your audience. Our brands tell your unique story authentically and coherently. Our services in branding range beyond your visual identity to encompass everything from research, strategy and positioning through to messaging and tone-of-voice.


Our websites are designed and built with the needs and desires of your users in mind. As the primary marketing tool for the majority of our clients, we understand their importance in a company's success and growth. As with all projects, we are flexible in our approach to digital but can handle all aspects from site and content maps, wireframes, design and development to testing and launch. We scale our services up or down depending on your existing tech team and tech stack.


Illustration has the ability to reimagine reality in a way that is familiar yet delightfully uncommon, which makes it particularly useful when an idea is difficult to explain. Illustration can bring a warmth and personality to 'serious' concepts so much more effectively than a photograph can. Whether your project requires a one-off custom illustration or a complete illustration system, we can offer a solution that resonates with your audience, delivers your objectives and most importantly sparks a little joy!

Our process



The first phase of every project is discovery – we need to get to know you, your product, how you operate, where you are in the market, where you want to be... We need to get to the bottom of what success looks like for you and where we can meet and exceed your expectations. We'll start with a chat, a video call or even better, a chat over a coffee.



When all the questions have been asked and answered, we begin to define the heart and soul of the project. As an example, for digital projects, this will be the site architecture, user journeys and wire frames whereas for branding projects this would be defining your mission, vision, values and brand personality. We are establishing the core of the project that will support and underpin the design direction of the next step. No matter the project, this is also where we define the scope and deliverables of the project.



Once the core of a project is defined we can move onto the fine details... the design. We will explore various design styles for discussion before finding that one perfect solution. We keep an eye on trends in design but strong design rules are always at the backbone of all we do. We want your design to feel relevant and coherent long after seasonal trend shifts.



The final phase is where we deliver on all we've promised and hand over the final files to you. Our aim for every project is to make our clients feel empowered and confident to roll out and progress our work. Whether we've delivered a new brand, a new digital product or a new suite of illustrations, a knowledge transfer is always part of the final delivery.

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